Watch barbarian full movie online 2022

Watch barbarian full movie online 2022

 Watch barbarian full movie online 2022


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barbarian movie review

welcome to the movies value for the neighborhood Master chaos here I hope you're well come on in see safe for you as always I've got some lovely coffee waiting for you or some snacks whatever you enjoy a Mr pip I got a nice cold Mr Pig for you if you'd like that I just came back from what I thought was the world premiere but I think it was just this one of those special industry screenings here in Los Angeles for the film Barbarian

directed by Zach Krieger it's his first movie he's predominantly an actor this movie came out of nowhere for me absolutely came out of nowhere for me I saw the trailer maybe a couple weeks ago you know the beginning of black phone and it looked interesting but I was like whatever maybe I'll track it down when it comes out or whatever I'll see what happens hear what the word of mouth is this free screening popped up I took my daughter Missy chaos with me she's a big horror fan and little did we know it was gonna be a star-studded event and little did we know it that we would have discovered probably our favorite horror movie of 2022.

barbarian movie actors

foreign by the way no spoilers in this review none point of fact I'm not even going to talk about the plot that much because this is the kind of movie you have to go in completely blind with you can't know anything I mean you can probably know a little things but you can't know too much as a matter of fact I would avoid the trailers in doing the Q a which I didn't record because there was spoilery things by doing the Q a they were very happy that the the you know the trailer didn't give much away and it's true

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the trailer for this movie does not give very much away as a matter of fact I could say something about the trailer that will change how you view the movie but I again I don't want to feed you anything that may take away your first impression this is like going on a roller coaster ride you know I don't want to be the guy said okay there's going to be a turn to the left turn to the right turn to the left I don't want to do that because this is that kind of movie the good kind of horror movie that just keeps smacking you over the head and you just want it to it's I excellently made excellently made with some caveats like anything

there's plot holes and I won't go too deeply into them because they would be spoilery but there's a few elements in the movie that aren't completely explained and should have been explained for the movie to work perfectly the movie doesn't work perfectly in a logical sense but I think the movie definitely works on a more visceral horror sense so you can sort of forgive it for not necessarily explaining all of the elements that don't necessarily connect now that may bother some people but the movie is so focused on entertaining you creeping you out and making you sick to your stomach that you kind of have to forgive it for not being a perfectly constructed logical screenplay

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and that's tough for me I like logic I like things to connect however if a movie works and there's mood and there's character and there's enough of an of an element that can kind of paste over logic problems I then I'm okay with it I think I think I I accept the movie for what it is I mean if that was the case I wouldn't be able to watch half the that I do so this movie does have some plot holes we'll go wait I'm gonna use that term again I won't reveal what they are here maybe when the movie comes out which is I think it's not gonna be out until like September 10th or something September 9th

maybe you come back here and let me know what you thought of it but the movie is like I said designed like a roller coaster ride it 100 full of twists and turns you don't ever know where you're going to end up and that's powerful that's magical you know I've seen thousands of movies thousands and it's hard for a movie to knock me out of my seat literally Shock Me and surprise me and have me going what the hell and I don't know what the hell like why'd anybody make this these people are stupid a good what the hell like what the hell this is this is you know his paradigm shift is the word there you go it's a paradigm shift this one has a very unique storytelling very unique moments very unique characters and well I don't even go too deep into it


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but let's just say it's not the movie you think it is and by the end you will be either cringing in fear or you know cheering at the at the top of your lungs but regardless I think you'll applaud this movie at the end once the credit hits you'll be clapping real loud now our audience was very special we went to like that special screening and I did not expect the people that were there to be there just along one of the actors in the film you wouldn't know because I don't think he's very focused too much on in the trailer he's in the movie he's fantastic he's very funny he definitely brightens things up uh but at the same time gives us a different performance that we've seen from him so that's fantastic you get a very special Justin Long in this he's great everybody's great in this movie Bill Skarsgard is in it his performance is very creepy very unique and you won't see see it coming what you know how he is involved in the story it's very very interesting very very very very shocking which is beautiful gosh 

bwatch arbarian movie what people say

beautiful anyway in the screening Justin long was the other director was there that the lead of the film was there and she was amazing her name is Georgina Campbell you probably know her from a lot of British television shows she was fantastic in the movie but also as guests I guess of the filmmaker of the you know 20th Century Fox or whatever there were a lot of other famous people there and most notably for me Kevin Williamson that's right the creator of scream of this guy was there I was in a movie theater with Kevin Williamson of course it was a little crowded and I didn't get I said if I ate I saw him far away if I was able to run into him I would 100 shook his hand say hey man thank you for screaming big fan that would have been amazing that would have been amazing because I regret not doing that to watch Craven when I saw him in person

so I would have I would have said something to Kevin but anyway I was in the audience with Kevin Williamson as as well as a whole bunch of other Kate Bosworth was there the lovely Cape Bosworth she's dating Justin long I think anyway lots of big luminaries were there just I guess friends or whatever acquaintances to people Sarah Paxton was there she's married to the director

so anyway it's you know I it was amazing it was it was amazing to have a Hollywood screening with Hollywood celebrities that was just so cool and then when we got in there we got free popcorn or free sodas I mean it was great I mean they really treated you nice not something you should know this greeting wasn't for critics there were a couple of critics there I saw my buddy Chris Gore there and a couple of others you know

I guess it was partial you know crew cast screening critic screening and then just open to the public and we came in as the public so don't think I was bought off by my review because he gave me a free popcorn and soda they weren't expecting a review as a matter of fact I don't even know if I'm allowed to do a review they didn't say no they just said if you like it tell people so guess what I liked it and I'm gonna tell people I think this is a movie you should watch here's the thing modern horror

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has an uphill battle especially for horror fans have been around the block we're very jaded and we're very cynical about this stuff I know I am you know you you can vouch for that right I am very protective of the stuff that I like and that I don't like and and modern horror can be very very iffy luckily it's been a good year for modern horror black phone was really great and Barbarian is really great it's so unique if you don't think about it too much like all the little connective tissue details you are gonna have a blast I guarantee you this movie is creepy as it's got some great Gore moments

and that's all I'm gonna say in terms of stuff to expect in terms of plot the briefest outline a young woman goes to Detroit for a job interview she's staying at an Airbnb Shear recipe Airbnb Airbnb only to discover that Bill Skarsgard is staying there is a parent apparently the Airbnb was double booked they're both in this house together and that's where the Story begins and that's as far as I'm gonna go it takes place in a house they're in it and and then the most unique and insane horror movie probably since malignant if you know malignant you know what I mean since malignant unspools you have no idea what you're in store for my God


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literally go see it opening night it's gonna blow your mind and I would see it before a lot of people start talking about it because you don't want it spoiled you don't want people talking about the little elements here and there you really want to experience it as virgin as possible so I'm gonna stop talking and I'm gonna say go and get it and we'll go see it I should say September 9th I believe is is the date don't quote me on it check your local listings five stars that's right five stars for barbarian I loved it I'm I'm in and Missy chaos loved it too she had school tomorrow

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so she couldn't join me for this but we loved it it was so good and so unique man I'm very happy you know horror I wonder why it's a tough road especially because the fans are so demanding but this is good stuff five stars okay pal thanks for joining me here in the theater I hope you enjoyed this review of Barbarian let me know in the comments if you're excited to see it I will not give spoilers in the comments or anything like that I suggest you just go watch it and experience it for yourselves and you will have a blast for now let's close the theater down to grab this curtain pull it across the Silver Screen time to Usher you out because the theater is closed for now 

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