Pinocchio watch full movie online

Pinocchio watch full movie online


Pinocchio watch full movie online

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Pinocchio movie review

Disney reinvents the classic tale of Pinocchio for Disney Plus on Disney plus day that is September 8th so is this new live action remake of Pinocchio as good as the original you will soon find out in my review for Pinocchio before we begin let me remind you to please hit the Subscribe button because a lot of other early reviews are coming up for instance Hocus Pocus 2 don't worry darling and woman King now

let's move to the review Pinocchio is such an amazing tale and the original animated movie is still one of Disney's most classic ones yet but the fact that they opted to send this on Disney plus is an embarrassment a retirement theater has literally struggling because of absence of giant Blockbusters

Disney decides to send its Pinocchio live action remake to their streaming service Disney Live Action remakes make a lot of money for instance Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King Pinocchio would not only have provided theaters an array of Hope but would also have earned enough money for itself in the process

Pinocchio is a tale everyone knows about it could have been big in theaters but when I actually look at the film it surely felt it wasn't big enough for theaters but neither small enough to send it on Disney plus they should have given a little bit more budget it looks quite cheap when you compare it to other Disney Live Action films and even that is an embarrassment because this story reserved a bigger budget and a theatrical release foreign sworth voices Pinocchio here there is mostly no problem with the voiceover the guy does his best it is just that while watching it doesn't feel real

Pinocchio movie story

the VFX of Pinocchio are weird but okay and when he talks it gets weird it just doesn't feel like it's coming from his mouth sometimes as for Tom Hanks who portrays japito he really is the best here I mean come on we are talking about Tom Hanks here the dialogue delivery from the guy is just awesome he literally carries the weight of the emotions in this film though

it is not as emotional as you'd expect well CMT arivu is the Blue Fairy and she was truly magical however screen time doesn't let us explode so erivo was great just wanted some more Blue Fairy here Luke even says The Coachman was quite a delight and so was Joseph gonna leave it as Jimmy Cricket legendary director Robert zemackas Returns the guy has directed great movies but after 2020 is the witches and 2018's welcome to Marvin I was sure the guy is losing his touch Pinocchio is no exception to that but Pinocchio is also not as bad as those those two thanks for it being a popular Source material this feels like a movie that could have been directed by any

the recent director who knows the source material it means it misses the Marcus touch to it even though it is directed by the same guy however the writing is well done here sure it was not as good as the original but it surely has some emotional scenes that I quite enjoyed but the score from Alan Silvestri is truly wonderful year in avoided all the magic it was just wonderful the guy is a genius production design looks cheap though or maybe it was intentional to make it look like a storybook kids will enjoy it but adults who want to watch Pinocchio should just read her glare model Taurus version this December this is definitely the more kid-friendly one family should stick with this one

the original animated Pinocchio is a classic and when a movie gets the status of being a classic it becomes twice as difficult for the Remake to surpass it but this remake tries its best and rest above all the difficulties on its way clearing its part of success but still doesn't manage to be as good as the first one it also feels a lot smaller in scale than it should I it I just didn't get the feeling of watching a Timeless tape that I heard about it during my childhood and being a streaming film doesn't help it either it was already fully advertised and hence I was already not enough excited for it but it still didn't need those minimal expectations Pinocchio is a good movie

Pinocchio where to watch the movie

but I don't think it does complete Justice The Source material despite being the richest Studio Disney didn't provide enough budget here and hence the film doesn't feel as big scale as it should Tom Hanks and sincere you are both great and even the writing is okay but it never feels as magical as the original I'm giving Pinocchio is 6.7 out of 10.

I think everyone should watch it it's quite magical and entertaining but still it's not as good as the original not even close to be honest with you so yeah that was my review for Pinocchio share in the comment section down below how excited are you for this film I don't think a lot of people are excited but still thank you 

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