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The Good Boss movie review

joanie d and little jones with a screenwriter's rant on the good boss starring javier bardem in a movie that's totally in spanishi think it's kind of a sort of a comedy kind of a workplace comedy not total comedy butpossibly based on a true story smash like and subscribe thank you for smash liking and subscribingcheck out my books blah blah blah okay let's get into itjavier bardem looking older look in his age is a boss of this company they're up for an award but he's got to deal with all the problems one of the problems is a protester outside the plant

demanding that he hire back the people he fired not sure what country this is i assume it's not america because everything's in spanishhe thinks we won't get the award if we don't get rid of this guyso then he's dealing with other problems this is one of his supervisors he takes him out to dinner and he's having problems with his wife which has nothing to do with the company but he's got to help him then he basically starts banging an intern a hot intern takes her out to dinner ends up having sex with her meanwhile the security guard's complaining that the bull horn from the protester hurts his ears and like you know everybody blames the boss everybody blames the boss then in this scene he getshe gets the supervisor to make a big scene for some reason i guess they're manipulating peopleand it's all about how he's trying to deal with the problems and then

i don't know is this his wife not sure not sure butto get the exact weight you know you do things in business to just get by and here he is getting flipped off by a writer i mean just all kinds of things happen to him he's under a tremendous amount of pressure but it's called the good boss and then here he is here he is i assume that's his wife therebecause it's like being the president in a lot of wayslet's see i can't barely read these creditswritten and directed by fernando leon d r no ara noah let's see if we can figure out what country this is from spanish governmentspain i guess spainthis is a spanish movie spanish language i'm going to guess shot in spain i mean it looks good it looks solid it looks mildly funny not super funny but mildly funny like and it and it should be something that everybody can relate to right because everybody has a boss and everybody i mean for people who have been

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The Good Boss full story

in business you know i've been a bit of a boss sometimes and the moment you're in charge everybody hates you it's really trueyou got to deal with everybody's problems even problems you have nothing to do with rightlet me think i can think of an example i don't know i've had to deal with comic book artists over the years and most of them are very nice guys but every once in a while you get some guy who's just he's making all his problems your problems and you're like on it 24 7 or else he ain't gonna drawand it's it's veryyou know it's like taking on another person's problems like you shouldn't do that you shouldn't do that to other people regardless of who they are like your boss is not responsible for your love life or you know problems you had outside the home like there's certain things you have to do now that may impact work and your boss can be understanding

give you time off or whatever buti i kind of like like this because i mean i think it's probably going to make the boss out to be the bad guy because it's a very left leftist kind of take to make the boss actually very very evil he's not a good guy obviously he's banging one of his hot employees he shouldn't be doing that here he is confronting the protesterand then here he is advising some of his guys well you got to trick the scale sometimesand then here he is i don't know i guess this is another employee i'm sorry if they hurt my company they become my problems andyeah

 it just gets sucked into everything andthat's what i like about the movie and that it is portraying being the boss as a thankless job but he is also kind of a jerk he's cheating on his wife with a hot girl he shouldn't be banging his employees absolutely not but the employees should not be dumping their problems on the boss that aren't his responsibilityso i think this could be a fun you know it's not laugh out loud comedy but i do think it's a comedy it's got theit's got the comedy soundtrack track one of the songswaiti i thought that said written by now the director wrote this movieand javier is a really good actori i think he's pulling this off you knowyou're going to sympathize with him but you're going to hate him too right you know at some level you sympathize with him he's you know he's a powerful guy andyou know you see a hot girl and it's just like man now you're finally in the position tohave

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The Good Boss Best scenes

one of those girlsbut it i like it because too because the director's not doesn't seem with the trailer it doesn't look like he's dumping it on the boss you know they're not making them a cartoony figure they're making him a real human to some extent and i i think probably a lot of that's on javier but this is all in spanishbe aware it's tougher i think to enjoy a comedy when it's in another language and you have to read it through the subtitles but spanish a lot of people know spanishmaybe you know enough spanish i know a little bit i i there'd be no way i could follow the movie without subtitles thoughsoshould be a interesting flickfirst act he's the boss of this company and you introduce all the problems you introduce the protester you introduce the middle management guy

and whatever his stupid problem is he introduced that maybe he's a strain from his wife or whatever and or maybe he's under a lot of pressure and he needs something else in his life orwhatever and thenthey're up for this award the protesters gonna ruin it they're trying to think of ways to get rid of them or buy them off or whatever andthe guy won't budge soyou basically introduce all the problems that are all going to pay off down the road finally at the end of the first act he probablyoffers the hot internal ride which she even says this is not a good idea and it's not you shouldn't be doing thateven in a country like spain

where i assume it's probably easier to get away with it's probably more legal not hereyeah you throw it right in jail not right in jail but you know it would be sure but in spainsome of the old country stuff probably still flies there a little bitso yeah you shouldn't be doing it but he does it andat first it's going great with him and her and then in the second act his problems start to snowball the protester gets more attentionthey're in danger of losing the award they're the the the middle management guys have more problems with his wife he's trying to deal with that and there's probably a bunch of other little things he's dealing with and they just keep escalating throughout the movie i think the main thing will probably

The Good Boss where to watch the movie

be the relationship between him and the intern and even they kind of both know it's going nowhere and it's going to end in disaster but you know he keeps escalating and thinks he's going to get away with it and then of course it all blows up in his face towards the end of the second actand then the resolution is maybe they win the award i mean this is a spanish movie keep in mindit won't have the sense same sensibilities here i think if this was an american movie the ending would be the boss gets his comeuppance he loses everything he ends up back in a back in a job that's kind of like the one he left kind of like the one he did for years before he became the boss and he starts the process over again

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i think that's the way an american would probably end something like this i think even more european version would bejavier survives the nightmare and then goes on to continue doing what he's done even though he took a big hit and maybe on his marriage and he lost some money andlost less this and that but in the end he still survives it because you can never get rid of these guysanother possible ending could be that he is replaced by another guy who seems like a great guy because javier is called a good bossthe outward appearance is he's a good guymaybe the ending is javier is out another guy comes in who does the same exact things but his outward appearance is that he's a good guy and at first people like himmaybe that's the pattern rightmaybe you start this movie with the pattern ofyeah i have a good boss yeah he's a great guy and then as the movie progresses they all hate him and then they get a new boss

and they they start the same exact way likeno this guy this guy will be good nah everybody kind of hates the boss sowould i see this i might i mean if it was on netflix or something it feels like it should be a netflix movie because it's foreign and netflix seems to scoop them up like candyit says somebody in the comments says when it shows up on netflix i hope they don't over dub it with incompetent english speaking actors i'd rather read the subtitles well you say that but it's different with a comedy especially a dialogue driven one like this you know it may move too fast that you know it's hard to read the subtitles and and the expressionyou gotta kind of go up and down with your eyes butit doesn't seem that quickly pace thoughmaybe it'd be okayand yeah i don't see any reason to dub it in english i mean javier knows englishmaybe they shot a virgin in english that would be interesting if they just released it they shot a spanish-speaking one and they spot a shot at english one that would be interestingso it's called the boss i assume

The truth about The Good Boss movie

it comes out in the next two months or sopossibly a limited theatrical releasein the states a movie like this if it wasn't dubbed in english should probably go or even if it was probably go right to art house at best unless they shot an english versionand it'll again probably end up on netflix i i yeah i mean the commenter is saying that but we'll see if that's the case and that's it for me tony d and littlejohn check us out on odyssey bitchu rumble for our more base takes our other two videos or on thosego over there and we'll see you in the next one


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