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Maneater movie review

that's another shark movie Ladies and Gentlemen We Are reviewing maneater from Saban films featuring Tracy Atkins and more joining me tonight is the one and only Jeff Moore Jeff how you doing sir all right you know what the the end of the summer is rapidly approaching this may be the last shark movie we get let's see we'll we'll see about that we'll see about that we'll see about that also joining us tonight is award-winning filmmaker and shark lover Christopher G more how you doing sir I'm doing okayI'll just I'll just say this Devils don't feed it's just a fish that makes sense my best Trace Adkins impersonation that makes as much sense now there's a dinner no it doesn't it makes sense makes as much as much sense as an empty cash registeryeah all right

ladies and gentlemen that's it good night we are ready and we are here to review Maneater what we're going to do is we're going to start off giving you our first impressions that first impression will be spoiler free like this movie has spoilers it's a shark movie guess what happensthen we will dive into discussion and talk aboutyeah spoilers probably and then we'll wrap things up with our final thoughts our score won the five and our favorite scene and we hope you enjoy not only this review but many others that we have on the site and if you do please hit the Subscribe the like and to share with a friend because that will help us greatly and we are trying to reach 5 000 subscribers and that will help us in that goalthank youof course we'd love to hear your comments as well and drop those down in the comments belowwith that said let's dive into this starting off with the cad maneater 2022 from Saban films available in theaters imagine that and on demand in digital August 26 2022


written and directed by Justin Lee the cast includes Nikki Whelan Tracy Atkins Shane West and Jeff Fahey the synopsis is after an accident during their vacations on a paradisiac island can we just say Paradise Island a group of friends is stopped by a large shark and I had to say that with a serious face all right let's get into this let's do our first impressions and we're gonna start off with the one and only and Jeff Moore Jeff sir let us have it okaythis this is a really bad movie but I loved it just had great fun with it even thoughtheis it is it Tracy or Trace 

I thought it was Tracy but it might be Trace it's it's true like Trace but Traceso anyway yeahI it's the kind of character I absolutely hate the kind of person I knew a guy I know a guy like this that talks like that and says things really slowoh wait a minute this could be methis thing's really slow in a deep voice and and think that adds impact and and with you know down-home colloquialisms I just really but for some reason it was justover the top that I just got a kick out of it sothe lead actresses just terrible I thought sorryand I I don't know what else to say but people do a lot of really stupid stuff and they die right well yeah you do it yeah that's a there's a definition of a day player on that one but you know he 

Maneater movie story

might be the best thing in the movie there's an argument yeah all right Christopher G Moore sir shark lover that you are what is your first impression of man-eater but[Music]and there's even a bigger boat reference to maybe there is my eyes rolled out of my head down the street this movie is it's bad but bad onmany different levels it's shot like it's One Tree Hill it's shot like some TV movie TV show from the 2000syou know there's there's like these long shots and different things were it shot like a like a TV show you know and then the actors are all bad and there's Parts where they're badly dubbed especially when they're out on the waterand then when the shark attacks happen it's it's almost like the same footage or they just throw a lot of water in front of it a lot of blood is a different person in the mouthyeah they just have some CGI person and let me 



just say right now this has one of the most idiotic things I've seen in years you have the abilityyou spend all this money on CGI stuff but the most practical thing you could do is a dead body wearing a Hawaiian shirt floating in water and they create a CGI version of it that's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen you see you had you spent money people creating a CGI version of that when you could just throw I I could do that I could do that in my friend's pool tomorrow if I wanted to there's ways of doing that Spielberg did that on Jaws he shot part one shot in his swimming pool literally you're gonna spend CGI money on that this movie is ridiculous it it the the action stuff is shot really badlythe the dialogue is horrible I just felt bad for Jeff Fahey he deserves better than thisthere'smany yeah there's justmany things wrong the way it's shot it's not shot like a movie it's and there's like there's these really bad songs they put to like these overheads there'smany overhead shots of stuff they just like they play this really bad song where the camera's going across over across showing people on waves you know and then they just have these really bad CGI sequences trying to make up for the fact that they can't like I mean there's a few things that feel like they might have done had some kind of practical thing in the water that looks really badthey just

Maneater movie where to watch the movie

shake the camera a lotyou can't see that it's a really bad sharkthis is true yeah and Trace Adkins is bad I mean there's this there's really not anything nice I can say about this film that this probably I mean there's probably one shot that I kind of liked it because of what happened but it's it's boring toothe movie's only like an hour and a halfI don't know I I I yeah this this man-eater Ate My Brain buddy I'm I am no longer the same person I was afterwards because as a filmmaker there's justmany things wrong with this it's like this this is bad bad I mean this makes me want to this makes a solid stuff look like Citizen Kane it's just because at least they know what they're doing at least with Asylum they knew what they're making and they just do it you know it's like Charles band stuff at least they know what they're doing and the cheesiness is part of it this they're they're trying to be serious about it and it looks badanyway that looks bad I I can't disagree with you Christopher I mean I I'm a little bit more in Jeff's Camp because I to me it was more campy and stupid fun and I I'm a sucker for a good sharkwell let me 


rephrase I'm sucker for a shark movie doesn't have to be good but I'm a sucker for a shark movie now I've seen lots of really bad shark movies and this one I this one's on the cusp it's on the cusp of really bad shark movies but I don't know there was something about just how ridiculously stupid it was at times that it felt like more of a campy movie than a bad movieor it can't be because it was bad kind of situation I I had a good time with it I am not going to sit here and say it was a good movie because it's not it's a very bad moviethe the shark effects are horrendous although when the shark is by itself in the water it has kind of this like Scarry face to it that I I thought was kind of cool I like tell and I liked how I mean they they will get into the spoilers about the shark there's an aspect to the shark deaths they're trying to build up to andyeah I don't know but I almost I I will say Christopher I almost turned it off when they did that line throughout the bigger 



boat because it it wasit waspoorly delivered andpoorly inserted into the movie that you know when you know we've reviewed movies that take famous lines from other movies and use them you know in in good ways in a movie they're not here not here not this one and it is probably one of the most famous lines in all of cinema next to Rosebud right soyeah and it just it's it's kind of painful makes you makes makes you kind of want to throw up a little bit butI I I'm a little on Jess Camp though for some some reason I have no good country and support Trace Adkins is no Robert by any stretch of the madnessyeah I I looked it up by the way and I am horribly wrong it is not Tracy at all it is Trace but they say it's trays like with a Y trays that doesn't make sense to meI'm gonna go with what you say Sir Christopher also let me just point out another thing that I didn't like let's do that let's get into spoilers let's dive into it here's the thing you know I understand there's limitations with budget okay there's literally a moment where they're on

Maneater movie released date

this boat and they're likelook at that look at that smaller shark now that's shark's not that that fish is okaythat's a tiger shark see what they're looking at the whole time the whole time they're just describing what they see which is like don't even have that in your movie if you're not gonna show go find some stock footage I'm sure there's stock footage of tiger sharks or something but they're just likethat thatthat that to me it just points out the factwe don't have money or we're not actually on the ocean or something that that just like I almost had an aneurysm like why why why is the scene in here if you're not gonna show something you knowbut I will say the the the I think the one moment that kind of caught me off caught me off guard and I kind of like there's a part where theywhich is again 


stupid things people do likethrow this rope on me I'm sure the shark won't get me while the ropes are wrapped around me but the girl on the on thethe deck or whateverthe P or whatever yeah she gets dragged and her she falls back and hits her head and I went whoa they go Red's black yeah and that's the one moment okay that is the one momentokay that is a moment I could have enjoyed even though it was kind of brutal butbut everything else is just I thought they handled the one guy who gets his leg bit off on the and then comes up on the beach and you know it's obvious that they just dug a hole and stuck yeah but I mean it works right I mean that's that's a gag that works right and it works whether it's on wood or in the sand it doesn't matter it works I thought that particular scene

Maneater movie actors

was better handled than most everything else it it fell with a hamburger in his back too those those hamburgers well I also think that the guy on the the boat out there I don't most people who have a boat have a net I could just like like yes net on a stick you know well first first though but this is like nobody I mean he ends up just dropping it but there's one point where he sticks at walkie-talkie in his shirt pocket and I'm like nobody who spends any time on a boat puts anything in their shirt pocket no no but they that they don't want to lose I mean it's just it's ridiculous and thenthere weremany of those I just was I was yeah there's lots of stupid decisions these people make a lot of Three Stooges bumbling going on yeah it's likedon't you know you keep that hand wrapped up don't go on the water what does he do yeah I mean I guess if a girl drops her shorts and jumps in the water you might go ahead and follow her into the water I don't know maybe but 


the biggest the biggest friggin night sticks it right through there I know and the captain goes no wait [Applause] [Music] yeahI think her name is this her name Nikki Whalen Nikki Whalen yeah she starts off I mean the setup is she just got stood up on the altar this is supposed to be like a honeymoon trip or a wedding or something I guess right yeah and she gets stood upshe just is likeshe just was God it was the worstacting and thenthe irony of it allall her friends go down there to cheer her up and they all die and they wouldn't be there if it wasn't for her moping aroundanyway yeah I just couldn't even couldn't even save her legless friend no I thought well he tried well I was thinking Shane West is the only person that of some name you know and I thought well maybe they'll keep him alive 

nope you got the worst of it in a ways well the other boat you knowas Harlan Trace Adkins Harlan his daughter gets eaten at the beginning andhe's on a missionhe's driving this boat out across the water and as we switch between scenes of ofCaptain Wally andthe the kids on the island who aren't really kids or 40 year olds acting likecollege kidsyep we have intermittent shots we have them here's a scene and then we go to him driver this boat at Max throttle and then back to them again and then when he comes into that dock how did that happen first she says it's too shallow for him to go in there and the other ones did too 

Maneater movie the end of the movie

right yeah yeah he's zooming in and all of a sudden he's at the dock and he's getting off the boat and does she jump up to run and meet him because now somebody's there to save her no it'smopping on the beach because her anyway I'm sorry all her friends all her friends died I I I grant that but thenhow did he get there I just don't know it just like boom boom boom there he is well they call that plot they call it plot let's not plot holes but it's plot logic or something like that well the shark wasbig he would have he would have been able to swim in that shallow water eitherI don't know I don't know there's just parts of it that don't well they do make a plan but they do make a plan based on that right because 

he's you can't get out of the yeah at the end Iat the end she acts as a decoy basically yes and he goes swim baby swim or something I can't remember what he yells at her but but he fires that shotgun 40 times I mean I've never seen never never once does he reload there might have been one spot where he reloads where she's like standing out on the reef but yeah he's just up there going over and over and over again there's no pause there's no what whatI don't think it is serious Chris nobody can do something like that and be serious about it yeah but I I again I think that there this isn't this isn't like airplane where they're playing at series and it's supposed to be funny I really think they're trying to play this I mean they're even trying to be at all all sympathetic because there's a the opening scene where the father's likehave fun then he stops and looks back likeI mean literally it's it's it's like it's like it's a soap opera I mean again that's why I once we heal it this it feels like those sort of like TV shows from like the 2000s 



you know and like the OC or any of these type of things where it's just it's like those late night soap operas you know and and you know then they try to be all hip likewe'll play this hit music and we'll have the camera go across or whateverI mean there is a funny bit where you see the see all the young kids jumping off the cliff and that one kid jumps off into the mouth of the shark even though it's bad CGI shark butbut again it's well they're just moments it's likewe need to we need to make this film an hour and a halfwe're just gonna show all these different shots of the beach and stuff and you know and play some hip music to it which is not even good music the the music score on this is horrible it impedes any element of anything happening it'sapparent it feels like some little some likealmost like they played stock music that doesn't go along with what's happening to the scenemy terrible thing of that happened that makes no sense is he's asking her Harlan's asking Jesseit was justit was just you and him and this other girl or something like that your other friend and she goes no there were seven of us they go well seven people died but there was eight of you there was 


six friends six of them and then Captain Wally and Beth his hisnot not count the guy that dies cliff diving that the shark jumps up and snatches him right out of him nobody and the daughters and the daughter from the beginning right yeah we never get any discussion of that that'sso there's a whole with the whole thing where the Trace Adkins stops his guys on the boat and you can tell they're actually out of the waterhe's trying tothey have to kind of shoot ithe has this weird conversation where he's holding on to the other boat it's likeright right right right it's kind of obvious that they're actually out in the water the guy that's the guy whose boat he says he hit a reef and it's got this these weird little he goes that's that's no that's no That's No reef that's a shirt well he says something about I don't know if my Shark could I don't know if my boat could take any more hits from it well he the shark hasn't hit it yet in any of the film that we saw you

Maneater movie best scenes

know he he drives up there on the beach he doesn't get hit by the shark while he's doing that like everything else they don't show it you know and this is one of the few times where like show it yeah and he tells the sheriff you know what happened last time you said something stupid like that I'm like you stopped out of his office what do you mean yeah you're talking like he beat him up or you you know or I don't knowmy God and and the whole Koda scene you know where the guy from the Philippines shows up with the show at the end yeah yeah really pushing for a signal what that wasdrawn out and awkward and the dialogue was terrible I was like why are you drawing this out there's no there's no tension here there's no suspense we know what's happening get on with it wasand that's kind of what the rest of the movie before that was it's kind of the same thing where they're just basically you know it's shark Chum everybody shark Chum yeah you end it with that really bad line you're gonna need a bigger bootmy God I need a 

bigger boat how old was your son how old was your boywas your boy who wrote this dialogue it'sbadmy god well you were okay sorry but it is one Justin Lee the director wrote the dialogue yeah all rightyeahI was flipping back I was looking through his other movies and they're all fairly low rated but I noticed the guy that plays Captain Wallywho might be the best thing in the movies Ed Maroney he's in all the movies and then they have one somebody spiked in there like Tony Todd's and one Scout Taylor Compton's in oneCasper Von DMS and one it's also line up the same yeah I I would dare say that the captain of the boat guy was maybe the funniest thing all right let's go ahead and wrap this up because I thinkthe poop pile is getting pretty highlet's go ahead and give us our final thoughts our score one to five and our favorite scene andI believe Jeff I believe you are first give it to us favorite scene okayyeah you gotta pick a favorite thing you gotta pick threethis score is going to sound weird I'm gonna it really deserves like a 0.5 yeahbut I had two points of fun with itI'm gonna I'm giving it a two not because it's a it's not a too good movie it's justand I did the same thing I did with the Innocents in that I accidentally watched itlike a week ago thinking it was for last time when we first got the the app screenerI watched it again you watched it twice dude you fresh


my memory and I laughed even harderthe guy Harlan this character I'm not I I kid you not I know a guy that acts he can walk in there and play that exactly the same way and that's who he that's who he's is or tries to be or whateverso it was just I just was astounded at itso favorite scene I I I'm sorry I guess I just I gotta take thelet's see is it the 40 shotgun shots with that reloading or is it the shark that jumps 20 feet in the air to snatch a diver from midair I'll take the I'll take the 40 shotgun shots I'm sitting there watching that just going ah anyway you get two two that's all you get you gotta load okaywell you can you could getactually I think you can get five in some of the automaticsyou can okay yeah the pump usually the law limits them to three and now I'll have some gun enthusiasts correct me here butstill I know 40 or 50. I lost count I couldn't count as fast as he was shooting at least 40 at least 40. Christopher G morser your final thoughts your score your favorite scene well this film stars Shane West and he was in a film 

Maneater movie what people say about the movie

called A Walk to Remember well this is the swim to non-remember or unrememberit'sthis this movie is not good onmany levelsthe the dialogue is bad the acting is bad Trace Adkins is basically just himself which doesn't mean it's still badjust almost like he's actually reading the phone book at pointsandof course the effects is bad I I mean I I I will give them props that compared to the other shark movie watch where they had CGI blood in the water at least in this one they put some kind of stuff in the water to where he'd see it wash up on the shore with some kind of red HueI don't know if they put Kool-Aid or whatever in the waterat least I give him props for thatbut yeah the CGI body in the Hawaiian shirt is one of the most ridiculous uses of CGI I've seen in a very long timeand I've seen sharks out of the Moonso yeah and and again it's shot like a bad TV show from 2000s why why you know it it it's ugh I'm just not this is not a this is a waste of my breath talking about this stuff I'm gonna give it are you now I don't know if you want to I'm gonna give it 1.5 ah I'm gonna give it 1.5 I'll be niceI was gonna give it a one okay I wouldn't blame you but I will saymy I will say the the one moment that saved it is one is my favorite scene and that's when the girl who's holding the Rope gets pulled and that woman I actually I actually gasped because it waslike quick because she gets you know of course the idiotic move of likehold this put this rope around meI can swim out and get him and just pull me in and and yeahthat the shark can eat me and then pull whoever's on the pier out into 

the water but she gets jerkedviolently she falls back and hits her head Splat constricted to the water and I'll say that moment actually it was really effectivethat is the one that is the best moment of the whole film or the only moment I actually enjoyed there you go because I I was actually okay that that was the it was very effective in what it was doing if the rest of the film was like that I'd be talking saying something different but the wrestle movie is shite it's it's not right it's it's it's not even it's not even bad good it's not even like piranha women good that's another that's a that's a thing with water and and fish Predators that's much more entertaining than this you know hour and a half movieyeah I will say yeah when the girl gets jerked into the water that's that was a good thing that was a good scene II'm kind of in Jeff's Camp I I agree with you Christopher this movie movie is shite shite is a good way to say just it's badbut I I kind of felt there was a campyness to it in the way it was made and kind ofthat I I'm gonna give it a 2.0 as well I'm I feel like that's where it isI would fault no one 


for giving it anything less I would I would and I wouldn't fault anybody for giving them more but I would question it but yeah this movie [Laughter] my favorite scene I Okaythere's a really stupid scene that I thought was just hilarious and I don't know why as I thought it was hilarious because it's just stupid but we talked earlier about the thing thethe walkie-talkie Contraption thing that he puts in his pocket and it falls out and he you know it causes them both to die right because it's a shark eats them later our heroine finds it right and mistakes it for her own that she had earlier and she's like look again this is who's in this I don't know whose is this you have two of them and they can't they don't they can't they're looking at each other like and then they have to have it do the feedback to realize what's going okay that is how dumb this movie is that's an example of how dumb this movie is because that's kind of a stupid scene but for me that's also illustrates the campiness of how kind of brainless this movie is because I think it is kind of brainless they forget it's brainless but right right you're giving it too 

much credit card I think I am I think I am I think I might beI mean I don't know it needs more Jeffy if Jeff Fey had been the captainwouldn't that have been fun I might have enjoyed it more yeah butI don't think Jeffy wanted to be in this film anymore yeah I don't know I was trying to look where this was shot and I didn't see was itin Mexico maybe I thought I thought maybe there was a free I mean I mean at least you know at least they shot a lot of it out in the water which is a lot of the like the requit or something where they just shoot him green screen at least a lot of it was shot at least sort of on water yeah 20 teeth 20 22 200 teeth excuse me 200 teeth zero chance good tagline fun tagline better than a manlet's go ahead and get out of here lava getting's good Jeff sorry sorry apologize to the filmmaker for beinghard-assed no we don't I apologize to because as a filmmaker 

I  you know I've gotten I I've read reviews on IMDb about some of my stuff where people like zero stars and and I can sort of understand that butbut you know we all we all have different likes in the world well here's here's a joke that's true here's a challenge you guys listening check out this movie and tell us are we out of our minds are we are we looking for more than should be years orare we wrong let us know in the comments down below I want to hear from you the listener are how far off we are but with that we have to end this Jeff Christopher thank you for joining meI you know as bad as we said this movie was it's still a lot of fun to watch and talk aboutthank you we need a bigger podcast better than the other line let's say good night good night good night



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