Funny pages watch full movie online

Funny pages watch full movie online


funny pages watch full movie online

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funny pages movie review

funny pages an indie movie about the comic book industry and how sad and pathetic it is smash like and subscribe thank you for smash liking and subscribing check out my books links in the description comedy horror in south jersey it's the pineys books one through nine available at amazon.com don't forget kindle unlimited is free alrightwe got a protagonist he wants to be a cartoonist and he wants to drop out of colleges friends all tell them you are drawing at a professional level and that's possible it's totally possible you know 

 in fact a lot of guys you know it's better they start hustling four years earlier don't go to collegeif you can make the leap to professional comics these days of course there's not a lot of money in comicsor for very few people i'll saythis appears to take place i'm going to say in the 90s maybe late 80s probably the 90s

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and takes place in new jersey because there's a moment where he saysi'm getting a place in trenton and somebody goes wow i think he's still in high school when this starts anyhow at some point he meets a former image artist and he wants him to teach him but he's kind of a weird guy and not a good guy andthere's a lot of like quirky characters who are old and weird and he's weird and he's quirky and he wants to do these quirky things and all these awkward moments but it does look fun it does look fun you got a lot of comics back here from the era of comics in the background what do we got here army attack silver hawks house of mystery they're pretty oldyeah i think this isand he works in a comic book store of coursei think this does take place probably in the late eight 

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now it would have to be in the 90s because he mentions imagein the 90s i'm going to say mid 90s long enough maybe maybe 95 something like that i'll peg it at let me see the car in this because that'll helpthere's the car yeah they kind of look old they don't look particularly new i mean the whole the whole movie looks very run down the computers look not super newmaybe early 2000s maybe early 2000s could be the modern age too but i gotta think it's a it's pre at least pre pandemic

but he's got the parents who worry about him andyou know it looks funny it looks funny in a very indie movie way where there's going to be all these awkward moments where nothing really resolves itself properly and everybody's just sort of hung out to dry in this torturous awkward silence a lot of the bits you knowso yeah i mean as a comic book guy i cani'm sort of biased towards thisbecause i i would love to see these guys made fun of this guy also has apparently like a hair lip does the actor really have that or is he got some sort ofprosthetic that gave him that i wonder but apparently he did work for image comics i wonder if this is based on a real guy or whatever but it's called funny pages and then here's the scene where the car drives into the garage that looks funny i mean i may be biased towards it but it does look goodfirst act your protagonist

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here i forget his name already see if there's any more about this from writer director owen klein and starring daniel woof i can't say that name zolgardry  matthew marr produced by josh and benny saftee funny pages in select theaters available on demand august 26thi would see it on demand would i go to the theatermy comic book buddies were in town and we all wanted to see it yeah that would be that would be an excuse for me and my comic bookcohorts ah yeah have you seen funny pages yet no i haven't seen it yeah let's go see it make fun of the comic book industry see what it's all aboutsothe studio behind moonlight lady bird ex machina the witch eighth grade manari uncut gems hereditary everything everywhere all at once and more they got a pretty good track recordthat'sit's 824 rightyeahfirst act the kid wants to become a cartoonist he tells his parents they're totally against it

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they put up some road first they try to talk him out of it then they put up some road blocks well you're gonna have to get your own place you're gonna have to have a job and blah blah blah blahhe starts looking for his own place he gets his dumpy place in trenton it's a weird situation where he's sharing a room with a guy or living in somebody's houseit's not ideal but that's unimportant no one seems to mind they're all weird quirky characters he works at the comic book store he's trying to you know make it as a cartoonist the cartoonist tell him he's good and then one day at his job he's got another job in an office

i think he runs into a guy who used to work for image comics or he tells him that now maybe it's not true maybe maybe there's a revelation where he had he didn't actually work for image comics see office of public defenderthat's where he works okayit'sthis guy yeahmaybe he's in trouble with the law because he had to go to a public defender andhe offers to pay him to teach him about comics and teach him how to be a comic book artist or whatever and he agrees to do it because he needs money andstarts teaching him but he doesn't really want to doesn't like him probably bad mouths the entire industry

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Funny pages what actors say about the movie

and he's a big weirdo toothen he brings him he likes himmuch you know because he's he's he's star trek struck by the guy he brings him home during the holidays there's a big awkward situation where something happens and he has to wash his feet i don't i don't know whyand thenthere's you know maybe he's trying to help him he's a messed up guy or something and a kid is just relatively normalbut he's got a big ego tells the kid he's failedyou failed this is a total failureso in the second act it's all about their relationship and you knowthe first act is i want to be a cartoonist all the way up to the moment he meets the guy or the image artist second act is probably their relationship he tries to teach him but he's not a good teacher

he's a total weirdo tries the kid tries to help him out he does everything he can and he has limited resources to help him the guy just is a big screw-up but eventually comes to like the kid and feel bad that it keeps failing him and then maybe he reveals that it doesn't really work he never really worked an image we worked someplace else that was kind of close to image or maybe he was never a comic book guy at all i don't knowand then the kid becomes dejected and then he feels bad and he uses what limited resources he has to make it up to the kid in some way to get him get hislove of cartoons and comics to rekindle it a little bit even though he hates the industry in the industry has been terrible to him and he sort of redeems

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himself in that and the kid learns something and you know it's sort of this awkward crazy world we all live in where people are awkward and crazy and weirdnot the worst movie i've ever saw i mean the whole thing for this kind of movie it has to be funny enough now it doesn't have to be laugh out funny airplane style but it does have to be funny we gotta have interesting quirky scenes it can't be stuff we've seen before the comic industry can provide a lot of that i can speak from personal experienceyou know it depends on how far they're willing to go and how engaging these actors arei think it's on point

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i mean i'm not super shot out of the gate saying yes definitely i thinkit could suck but i think the chances of that are only about 20 25 i think it'll probably be okay at least very watchable possibly very good it's hard to compete with a movie say like crumb if you've ever seen crumb which was a documentary but it's friggin awesomethis is trying i think to capture that sort of quirkiness like in crumb and ghost world and movies like thatyet again hollywood portrays all us comic guys as a bunch of weirdos and we are and that's it for me tony d and little joan check us out on odyssey bitchute and rumble

for our more base takes we got a hollywood hot take and a news blast i will be at white's bog this saturday for another blueberry festival blueberries doggy she loves blueberries loves them and you should love them toowe'll see you around

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