Watch Top Gun Maverick full movie

Watch Top Gun Maverick full movie

Watch Top Gun Maverick full movie

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Top Gun Maverick movie review

top gun maverick is the sequel to 1986's top gun in top gun maverick there's this impossible run that pilots at top gun need to be trained to do to do that you not only need a top gun but you need a maverick of all the pilots out there to train these new pilots to do this run why get the one who came in runner up in 1986 
because tom cruise and shut up there is a story based reason for it but the point is maverick is back this time as an instructor at top gun i'll get to my favorite part of this movie last i'm going to save the best for last best for me anyway and turns out this movie is way better than it had any right to be first of all tom cruise is still on cruise control dude still got it i hope i look that good when i'm that old it's coming up sooner than later but i love seeing maverick as an instructor it's one of the cool things about this movie it's also one of the things that makes another element in this movie fall short because it's maverick as the instructor you know you're behind maverick you're rooting for maverick which is what we were doing in the original top gun 

Top Gun Maverick actors

 but we were rooting for maverick and goose as students they go up against jester and you're like oh yeah take jester out now maverick is the jester for these new recruits so you're rooting for the instructor to take out the recruits you're not really rooting for the underdogs in this movie which i'm fine with because we all root for tom cruise i guess i mean he has a bat weird religion that he's a part of but you know we still root for him in movies having him as the instructor and it wasn't in the original trailer but it was in the second trailer the reveal of course like we already knew though like who does miles teller play just look at his face whose son is he right looks just like him but having maverick as the instructor 
and goose's son as one of the recruits there was a a strong family dynamic in this movie that i just didn't expect well that said if we're comparing this to the original top gun the recruits in the original top gun i felt like it was it was easier to see the synergy among the students you know he had iceman and his crew and that was clearly that click you know and you had goose and maverick and they were clearly over here in a different click it had that high school cafeteria element to it which doesn't end after high school sorry for some of you who might be really excited you know maybe you're graduating this year maybe you're graduating in a month you're like yeah i don't have to put up with this high school you do it doesn't end at graduation folks i'm sorry to say but the recruits in this movie

where to watch top Gun Maverick

 i didn't feel that they were just like a conglomerate of people who were good pilots because you're told they're great pilots it's like they just vomited new recruits in this movie that we're supposed to care about more than i actually did care about there's support characters that didn't stand out so much that said maverick being the star did and his dynamic with miles teller who plays goose's son and actually i do prefer that as opposed to the alternative the alternative is it's a top gun movie where it revolves around these new recruits you don't really care about and tom cruise is some support character
who's the instructor but doesn't revolve around him you know just sounds like a worse movie so if you see it as choice number one choice number two i like the choice they made revolving it around tom cruise who is the instructor however i think there is a third option where everybody flows more smoothly and the recruits actually stand out and have a dynamic that's more solid than this movie had a thing i did not dig much at all in this movie is there's this love interest with jennifer connelly i mean i love jennifer connelly who doesn't she's a goddess among us mortals absolutely if you can have jennifer connelly in your movie go for it but it sounds like that's how she was cast where they were like whoa

Story of the movie top Gun Maverick

we can have jennifer connolly in this movie we don't have a spot for her in the script all right we'll make one up so she says will they won't they kind of love interest for tom cruise's character and it's just kind of if you took that entire love interest arc and just wiped it out just took it out of this movie the fundamental film at its core wouldn't really change at all i can't help but feel like they had her in this movie because it's it's the fundamentals are going for this is a sequel to a movie from 1986 what would 1986 movies have you know what the movies in the 80s what are they known for kick-ass action shirtless volleyball scene montages 
and love interests but yeah i didn't care but i also appreciate the fact that though this movie does have its its throwbacks you know its love letters to the original top gun i thought of that because i just said shirtless volleyball montage no there is no shirtless volleyball montage in this one there is however a shirtless beach football scene so you know rolling with the times but still love letter nonetheless and the intro of this movie i didn't even talk about that like the intro to this movie it does a good job at doing what it needs to do to remind you 
hey top gun sequel without a title if you watch the intro to top gun maverick anyone would be forgiven for thinking this is actually the intro to the original top gun that they're watching that said i felt top gun maverick did it better than a lot of other movies that use nostalgia bait whereas this movie kind of just cuts it off they're like okay the energy's there we got the audience massaged in and now we're gonna do the sequel thing this movie had a good balance of you know it's like yeah that's nostalgia but also we're pushing the story forward but the coolest thing about top gun maverick for me man i don't even care it was the aviation the dog fights the training cause when i watch the trailer

Top Gun Maverick scenes

maybe it's because it's on a smaller screen you don't really think about it when you see the trailer but when i was in the movie theater i was like wait are they actually in jets filming in the air it felt like you are in the cockpit like the actors are in the cockpit and they're dog fighting there's a small little making of youtube video featurette out there and it shows them in the cockpit in the air and they're talking about how important it was to actually film 
this live it was awesome to see that little featurette also wasn't surprising after watching the movie because you feel how real it is in a world where we've seen enough movies out there you know that have jets and or dogfights and they were made recently and you know someone's in a cockpit and they cgi everything in it just it feels sterile and safe top gun maverick 
i felt like i was in a jet in the air it feels so much more visceral so much faster so much more dangerous because they're blasting through the air i just i loved that about this movie for nothing else man when this blu-ray comes out or 4k when it comes out on video i am praying praying for hours upon hours of special features making of i want to see how they filmed this movie this movie had a surprising amount of heart i need to say that in this video damn dude like when i say i was almost brought to tears in a scene i mean it and for me

Enjoy the movie Top Gun Maverick

this one's worth buying on blu-ray when it comes out all right so top gun maverick have you seen it what did you think about it reviews a little early so in that case are you looking forward to it whatever you think comment below let me know and as always if you like what you've seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more
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