Samaritan watch the full movie online

 Samaritan watch the full movie online

Samaritan watch the full movie online

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Samaritan movie review

today comes from mark wallace a movie i've been looking forward to for a while now is the sylvester stallone movie samaritan however my excitement got diminished yesterday when i heard the movie was skipping theaters and will now debut on amazon prime video is this a case of amazon who now owns mgm the studio behind samaritan making a bobcat-like mistake of dumping pixar films onto disney plus or is this a bad sign for the movie we'd love to hear your thoughts all right thanks

a lot for sending that in mark it's a bad sign for the movie um samaritan was a film that i think came out of nowhere and coming by surprise at cinemacon when at cinemacon they showed us footage for this sylvester stallone superhero movie samaritan and guess what the footage was pretty good yeah now it wasn't like they showed us 10 minutes of the movie but they showed us like a sizzle of it and it was looking pretty fun and the idea because i always thought stallone would make a great batman in a dark knight returns story i always thought he'd be pretty good in that role but the idea that he's an old grizzled superhero who gave up the superhero life a long time ago he's now living anonymously and something drags him back

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out into the public eye again and it's stallone yeah that's a pretty decent idea and the footage they showed us was great remember they showed us this footage at cinemacon where they're showing the movies that are going to be in theaters and then it's been quite a lot on the samaritan front which is which is fine and then yesterday find out it's going to be dropped on amazon there is only one explanation and that's this movie did not turn out as well as we thought and we don't think it'll do well in theaters i mean that's it there's there's no other explanation this was conceived of and planned to be a theatrical movie hence why they brought it to cinemacon but i guess in the year since as they actually got the movie pieced together and started to get the final edit together they my guess is they looked at it and went yeah this didn't work so well yeah it has nothing to do with it being prime day today

Samaritan movie story

i'm pretty sure i don't think it has anything to do with today if it was dropping today on prime day maybe a little bit i forgot it's amazon prime day i got to see what kind of tvs i can buy so the the whole idea of that it was planned as a theatrical release they started to market as a theatrical release a year passes and they're like yeah we we don't think this is going to make any money amazon prime everybody it's going to amazon prime well that that aside they did release some new images as well as including a new post i don't know do we got the poster there jonathan uh i hope we have the post here it's in the quote yeah is it in okay well there's a look at the poster which is actually pretty good i like that yeah i like that a lot i like the look at that a lot and speaking of the quote let's go over this is what they said from the good folks over at who was that there

it's cbr who wrote the following action movie icon sylvester stallone's original superhero film samaritan unveiled its first poster and production stills ahead of its summer release on prime video shared by prime video the film's poster shows stallone mysterious character mr smith walking down a rainy alley a large puddle at his feet has a reflection of what appears to be the character superhero alter ego in full black costume with a symbolic s icon on his chest not to be confused with superman of course the production still includes sloanes mr smith in action as he uses his superhuman strength to save a bullied kid while another shows mr smith in a conversation with sam cleary the final still shows mr smith in an industrial location where he is confronted by an apparent bad guy holding a sledgehammer to his face and again that comes from the folks over at cbr so yeah i mean

Samaritan movie where to watch the movie

i like the poster the post is pretty good and do we have any of the stills there i think they should be on the website there i put them in there too if we're able to bring those up but the stills look pretty good too and the description kind of messes up this that's one of those iconic where they're probably all on top of them and he stands up uh every superhero movie hercules movie although it does look like a song and dance right now it looks like some girl with lin-manuel miranda dance number right there i'm back what was the song that you said they sing before they start getting a fight in that movie west side story oh danny oh no what is it stay cool stay cool when you're a jet jet you're right oh my god yeah that's he's a sung dance man i mean so some look i i got to tell you after i saw and by the way that is not a real sledgehammer because you couldn't hold a real sledgehammer

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like that that guy's wrist would be broken anyway unless he's a superhero unless he's superpowered i'm just saying it's it's a prop it's clearly a prop but i when they showed us the footage to this like i wasn't thinking this is going to win any academy awards but i was thinking this looks fun i can't wait to go to a movie theater and watch this in a dark room with a giant screen and 200 other strangers enjoying it but apparently not so much okay still i think the images look good i really like the poster i'm not gonna lie i'm still looking forward to seeing this movie but my enthusiasm has taken a little bit of a hit knowing that they've decided to drop it on streaming and said anyway amy you see this what's your thoughts i'm going to be honest it's not really doing it for me i can't put my finger on it just nothing about this is really exciting this is maybe why they're dropping it on amazon me personally they said amy doesn't want it no i maybe i don't know maybe i'm just getting a bit even just like with the last season of the boys being so good i feel like

Samaritan movie what people say

i'm getting like a little like edgy superheroed out and that might be a little bit of my my lack of enthusiasm um i do find it surprising that that they just made that pivot just especially with a name like that attached it it feels like a weird move but uh it reminds me of cloverfield paradox a little bit oh no i mean it's not quite as that at least what do you think about this well look i think like you i think someone probably looked at this movie i don't think necessarily this is a a commentary on the quality of the film i think people are just like uh when we have the boys and we have all this other stuff is this going to provide a theatrical bang for the buck that audiences want to see when they can see spider-man no way home or they can go see doctor strange

i mean i think probably somebody looked at it and said yeah i don't think audiences are going to flock to this and those that do aren't going to speak well of it because it's not providing these thrills that other superhero movies are providing so maybe look i'm trying to be optimistic maybe that amazon was the right place for it because they didn't want to spend 30 million dollars marketing this movie they knew they couldn't wouldn't they have known that a year ago when they were marketing it as being a theological yeah i mean and this movie's been in production for like three years ago or something i mean i think they shot it pre-pandemic i think i saw it had a lot of pushback because of like it was supposed to be released over yeah yeah and look it is stallone maybe it's going to get a huge foreign release but yeah i mean look all i can ask is that it looks like a lower budget character study movie and maybe they just thought it couldn't flourish in the theatrical environment but as you know i think all movies i mean especially in the heels of morbius maybe

where can i watch Samaritan movie

i mean which maybe should have gone straight to streaming yeah i i mean again i'm i'm gonna hope it's good i like the person i had a question did didn't ramble uh the last rambo drop on amazon no no that's where i watched it and as traumatizing as that movie was i didn't think it was that bad no i liked it that kills yeah that's kind of uh gory and but it didn't do that well yeah it didn't do great i mean it was super violent i mean hyper i had a decent time with it i liked that movie it was called last blood you get it because the first one was called first blood uh yeah so i don't know i'm disappointed i was kind of looking forward to seeing those questions for you guys what do you think are you interested in samaritan i still am

but i gotta admit my enthusiasm take a hit knowing that they didn't have faith in it and they've just dropped it on streaming when it was originally planned to be theatrical maybe you don't think that means anything whatever your thoughts are jump down to the comment section below and leave those thoughts there

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